it me

Hello, I'm Natasha (aka Jade). I am an illustrator and comic artist who does mostly character-based work. I work with a mix of digital art and traditional media like pen, ink, and paints.

A lot of my work draws from the question "What if this happened?" and experiences I've had in real life. On "What if's" It can end with Robots fighting Monsters in the next town over, or two friends fighting evil because they were trying to finish a school project. And on life experiences it can range from homages to various hobbies or parodies of things I've seen or dealt with.

I started doing art as a way to make myself happy and to explore weird ideas, and I like sharing that with other people. Who knows? It might be the thing to make someone's day.

About This Site

The internet is ever changing. Sites rise, some fall, some cease to exist. And over time fewer mainstream sites are kind to creators be it predatory algorithms or unclear bot-run rule enforcements. I myself had migrated between many platforms since I first became active online.

I see personal websites, reguardless if it's for a portfolio, project, or a large 'about me' section as a bastion of sorts. A place where the control of how work is displayed is in the users' hands, and a place to bounce back to when things go under elsewhere. So in small incriments, I've been updating this site and intend to keep it as that stable ground so that reguardless of what social medias I end up finding myself on, I'll have somewhere that I can call mine.

I chose to host my portfolio on Neocities since I feel this platform aligns best with why I made the site in the first place; bringing control, functionality, and customizability back to the user.